Energus is a world leading innovator in solar energy, established by renowned inventor and entrepreneur, Dr Zhengrong Shi, who pioneered solar power in Australia. Dr Shi established Energus, offering conventional solar panels as well as his most innovative solar solution to date; new, light weight eArche solar panels.


Solar energy panels have been available for many years. However due to the weight and installation requirements of conventional solar panels there is a large segment of the market, now facing steep increases in energy bills, that has been unable to benefit from solar energy.

In particular farmers with sheds and other structures that aren’t strong enough to support the weight of conventional panels and have resigned themselves to the fact that solar is not an option.


An integrated campaign was developed to specifically reach farmers, understanding that although they are aware and had considered solar, were of the belief it was not suitable for their needs. The campaign was designed to re-engage farmers with specific communications to build eArche lightweight benefit awareness and encourage consideration driving lead generation. High targets and ROI metrics were set.


The campaign was executed across Facebook and key rural online publications with a focus on dairy farms; typically high consumers of electricity. Direct mail and sales team support tools were also created to provide consistent messaging across all touch point on the customer journey. The creative was direct and to the point, using imagery that reflected their farming environment and that focused on the key benefits of the product. The messages were easy to understand and quick to communicate, an essential requirement for digital.


  • Banner ads (A/B testing)

  • Facebook ads (A/B testing)

  • Performance display re-marketing

  • Redesigned website

  • DM campaign

  • Case study template

  • Brochure


The campaign target was exceeded by 30%. These results were achieved with 50% of the budget. Cost per lead was estimated to be $217; actual cost per lead was $41.

Energus (Sponge Agency)
Energus (Sponge Agency)