What plumbers want: Premium Swiss bathware and piping brand Geberit challenged us to help plumbers overcome the perception that concealed cisterns were too difficult to install.


We had to think of a smart solution that would be easy to use on the job and a strong enough solution to convince plumbers that the installation of concealed cisterns is no harder (and in fact sometimes easier) than installing a front of wall cistern. Our knowledge of plumbers has been honed by several years of working with Geberit. Insights told us that the best way to connect with the audience was with an easy to use App; almost every plumber has a smart phone. An App also has the advantage of not needing internet access in order to access the content; handy when you’re in a basement with no coverage.

  • Branded video content

  • Apps and websites

  • Digital and EDM campaigns

  • Interactive POS

  • Brochures and collateral


Geberit internationally has a range of animated installation videos that are hosted on their YouTube channel.The content was not always relevant for the local market; concealed cisterns are common in Europe, but relatively new in Australia.

Geberit needed relevant content presented in an easy to understand way that quickly explained the basics. Using Sydney plumber and Geberit brand ambassador Adam Powell, we populated the App with a series of relevant installation videos, a video case study and one touch support contact details.